This LIFE is semi-retired.

Hi! I'm updating this space to tell you guys that this second, seemingly, kinda, sort of unsuccessful attempt at deeply documenting my thoughts I call a blog will now be semi-retired. Facebook status updates and tweeting are a lot easier these days to blab about things like my views on life, society, and current events. Blogging, however, takes a little bit of thought. Heck, even THIS pinned post takes a while to be typed too.

The NARNIA division, however, I shall try and actively live it up; where I'll say good or crappy things about films, TV series, music, video games, events, or literature I have read... if this lazy-leech thing ever comes off of my brain, that is. 'Till then.


Bagi gua cerita.

Betul gua cakap ni.
Sebab, bila orang tanya gua "Apa cerita?" gua kata... "OK."

Tipulah gua tak ada cerita; sebenarnya ada je cerita nak bagi tau, tapi mungkin orang tak berkenan kot. Atau pun, sekarang mungkin musim cerita-cerita peribadi kot; sebab tu bila orang tanya gua "Apa cerita?" gua cakap "OK" je. Gua nak mengelak, sebab gua rasa lu tak perlu tau. Mungkin jugak sebab cerita-cerita sekarang memang tak sedap nak cerita; semua hambar je.

Gua merepek. 


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