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Hi! I'm updating this space to tell you guys that this second, seemingly, kinda, sort of unsuccessful attempt at deeply documenting my thoughts I call a blog will now be semi-retired. Facebook status updates and tweeting are a lot easier these days to blab about things like my views on life, society, and current events. Blogging, however, takes a little bit of thought. Heck, even THIS pinned post takes a while to be typed too.

The NARNIA division, however, I shall try and actively live it up; where I'll say good or crappy things about films, TV series, music, video games, events, or literature I have read... if this lazy-leech thing ever comes off of my brain, that is. 'Till then.


What's it like living with a female 'Hitler'.

A stupid series of shenanigans that I had to put up with each and everyday have prompted me to give birth to this generalised, censored-out account of my personal life with someone I shouldn't have beef with, but had too 'cause I'm sick of her antics, and writing about it would make me feel better. This is the whole story of how everything began, and still happened even when I stopped typing shit up in this blog.

The following is a tale on how one little boy, with very little guidance of a loving, functional family, managed to tame his sanity and composure for a very long time, despite the fact that he's been living under the shadows of a Hitler-like female for almost 10 years; a 'woman' (IF she can be categorised in that human subspecies that is) who, instead of merely taking care of a lonely, desperate father, opted to take control of almost everything in the life of the boy's family; not just the materials they own, but also their mentality and emotion. She may not look that smart, but she has almost everything a hater could hope for in a typical Malay / Indonesian soap opera female antagonist.

Here's how the tale begin. You see, this boy, who I shall name as Ike, had lead a happy life once, together with his younger brother Strife, his big sister Darla, his father Rosen, and last but not least, his lovely mother Azmath. During this period of time, Ike was one of the happiest children on Earth; he was allowed to be himself openly without having the fear of being unjustly judged by his own flesh and blood, especially Azmath, unless what he did were considered as very terrible misdeeds and must be halted at once so that he would never perform any of it in the future ever again if he wishes to be a good person. 

Unfortunately, luck was definitely not on Azmath's side, as she was struck with a powerful obstacle of not being able to walk or do heavy tasks for a very long time after having a very bad fall in the loo. Since then, the landscape of Ike's and his family's happiness was changed forever. Ike, Darla, and Strife could only talk to her while they sit on her bed as she rendered helplessly watching and listening to all the aid she received from the helping hands especially of Darla, the good times and the bicker Ike and his siblings always got into. A few months later, it seemed that God loved Azmath more than her family loves her; so she left her family forever after failing to struggle with her pain. This had left all of her loved ones in shock and despair, since she was definitely the glue that hold everyone together; especially the very foundation she built for Darla, Ike, and Strife to stand on with the help of Rosen.

It was only months after Azmath's passing, and Rosen had already found a... 'substitute' of sorts, who was supposed to nurse and care for Darla, Ike, and Strife, and act as a 'mother figure' to them, since he figured that for every 'perfect family,' a second guardian should be necessary, and recruiting a stepmother, in his light, was the perfect fit to add to the missing puzzle piece. But, in reality, logically speaking, I think he had already began finding someone to be the successor of the 'mother' title ever since Azmath started to fall into a deep ill. I mean, how can one find a substitute on such short notice? Something was definitely fishy, but Ike, Darla, and Strife initially thought of this decision that Rosen had made was for the betterment of the whole family. But then again, after the years, this was only to mask Rosen's need for a woman to fill the void in his life, since sheer loneliness might trigger him into doing something any lonely man shouldn't have done. All these while, Rosen had been nothing more than a 'masterless pet'. You know a pet's logic, right? In their eyes, their master is perfect in every way, and this is exactly implanted into Rosen's school of thought on how he sees his substitute. Pathetic, right?

At the beginning of the new era of Rosen's life with his new wife, the 'woman,' whom I shall refer to as Anima from this point on, was seemingly harmless. Okay, so she was innocent and shy when it comes to communicate with Ike and his siblings at first; they could tolerate with that, since it's only natural for first timers to act that way. But something was definitely not right when Darla instantly expressed her distrust over Azmath's substitute the moment Rosen mentioned about her, and boy, was Darla's instincts correct. Even before Rosen and Anima tied the knot, Darla sensed the evil of Anima when she could see Rosen gradually avoid talking to his own offspring in favour of spending longer hours talking to that witch over the phone. Rosen was not that kind of person when Azmath was still alive; he was definitely the other half of Azmath when she was still breathing, but not anymore. He rarely spent time with Darla, Ike, and Strife ever since Rosen met Anima. Simple things like watching TV together, engaging into conversations of random topics, or even the good old treat to the mamak; gradually decreases. THAT is definitely NOT healthy in Darla and her brothers' eyes.

As years went by, Anima had started to show her true colours. Out of nowhere, most of the stuff she brought with her when she moved in with Ike's family was quickly replaced with newer, branded products that wealthy bastards could easily get in the blink of an eye. Soon, Rosen's bedroom was filled with these abominative, totally needless products. That had prompted the couple to no longer grant their children access to their room, for 'security' purposes. How prepostorous. What was that all about? Did Rosen have no faith in his own offsprings at all? There were no rules like that while Azmath was still alive. He would never do that; unless someone told him too. And that would be none other than Anima herself. After taking over the room, it was only a matter of time until Anima conquered most essential items in a FAMILY household to call them her own, and messing with any of them while in her presence is like a crime against humanity or something. Yes, materials are the very source of human's civilisations from time and time again, and Anima decided that dictatorship would work perfectly in her new life as a 'member' of the family. 

Other Hitler-like mannerims that Anima possesses would be supremacy. She believes that only like-minded people, or certain groups of people who are up to her standards, as well as her dear hubby and relatives are the only ones that are allowed to be in her presence. And Ike, Darla, and Strife was certainly not part of the said factions. She rarely show her frown upside down everytime she sees any of Rosen's offspring, and has the mindset that all of them are worthless, dirty sewer rats who do not deserve any kind of affection from her. It's like she would stop at nothing in totally exploiting Rosen offsprings' weakness in order to put them in utter mental and emotional despair should any of them decided to break any of the non-existent rules she created for her own amusement. Ike himself experienced the psychological warfare first hand, and he must say that it was really effective and totally brought him to tears from the inside and outside. They would only felt the freedom of doing the things they desire and have passionate for only if both Anima and Rosen is out of their bunker, or if only Rosen was there on his own. That is not how a family should act; in a family, NOBODY gets left behind or forgotten. It has always been about togetherness, not seclusion! That defeats the purpose of having a family if no happiness can be shared with the WHOLE family! Why can't Rosen wake up from his dumb hypnosis and see the ugly truth of his life and how hard it is to be in the shoes of his own offspring?! WHY?! This stupid charade can only have an ending if Rosen decided to give out the answer to all of this confusion.

Call Ike ungrateful to Rosen for still keeping him in his abode as his son despite the fact that he still cared for my expenses, but it's just not enough! Where's the genuine, pure love of a father? Call Ike selfish when he says that Rosen should split up with Anima for good in order to set things right again when he is actually well nurtured in her presence, but that is just the point! Azmath busted her ass into looking after her offsprings no matter what the circumstances are! It's called SACRIFICE! I mean, maybe you'll be emotionally scarred again, but no plan is perfect right? That is why all of us MUST have a Plan B. We need to be who we are by giving us the freedom, not put us on lockdown! They're sick and tired of having to wait for those couples to go out or go to sleep in order for the poor children to do their own thing! They are not slaves, damn it!

I guess that's all of it. I don't expect you guys to read this, but it would be awesome if you do. Yeah, this shit is about me and my sibling's pathetic life. This might be petty, especially to those who suffered more than me and my siblings do, but I just would like you guys to know that it sucks to be a part of a dictatorship-like organisation in the most basic structure of the society, especially if it's your own family. If a family could not be united, let alone total strangers, then fending off upcoming threats to screw you and your beliefs are nothing but a mere child's dream.

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