This LIFE is semi-retired.

Hi! I'm updating this space to tell you guys that this second, seemingly, kinda, sort of unsuccessful attempt at deeply documenting my thoughts I call a blog will now be semi-retired. Facebook status updates and tweeting are a lot easier these days to blab about things like my views on life, society, and current events. Blogging, however, takes a little bit of thought. Heck, even THIS pinned post takes a while to be typed too.

The NARNIA division, however, I shall try and actively live it up; where I'll say good or crappy things about films, TV series, music, video games, events, or literature I have read... if this lazy-leech thing ever comes off of my brain, that is. 'Till then.


We're marching.

You know... something hits me all of a sudden. There's just something about the indirect significance of the mechanism of blog posting procedure to our life. The connection there piqued my interest really bad; what would've happened to us if a blog entry that we have posted holds a great memory of your once meaningful and glorious life with the intention of keeping it there for a while so that the whole world knows about it, but seconds later, another wonderfully awesome thing, which is not equally as powerful as that great memory, excite us so much that we forgot how important that memory was to us and our loyal readers?

No matter how we look at it, life is like a blog post; you say something about what's bugging you or fascinates you today, and when the next day comes and you got something even newer and much better, the usual case would be you would never wanna repeat yourself again because that was in the past... which means that you're a new person each day.

As we're marching forward right this moment, the past will always be left behind, but never forgotten. I know it's true that people change, but then again, what we have gone through all these years, the bad and the good, are the things that shaped the new 'us' each day. Let's take an instance I'm familiar with, like... the death of your mom. Sure, you're mom died; but you can't expect to mourn over her death while YOU'RE still alive like FOREVER, do you? I don't wanna sound offensive or anything, excuse me for saying this, but it's YOUR MOM who died, not YOU! We don't want to be that lame person ever again, now do we? We don't wanna repeat the same mistakes again, now do we? We wanna change for the better, right?

I guess I don't have to repeat myself here. That would be boring, eh? I hope you get the point; and that is to learn from past mistakes and use all the corrections we make in our heads and then apply that into our lives. Don't ever forget what shaped you.

Peace out.

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