This LIFE is semi-retired.

Hi! I'm updating this space to tell you guys that this second, seemingly, kinda, sort of unsuccessful attempt at deeply documenting my thoughts I call a blog will now be semi-retired. Facebook status updates and tweeting are a lot easier these days to blab about things like my views on life, society, and current events. Blogging, however, takes a little bit of thought. Heck, even THIS pinned post takes a while to be typed too.

The NARNIA division, however, I shall try and actively live it up; where I'll say good or crappy things about films, TV series, music, video games, events, or literature I have read... if this lazy-leech thing ever comes off of my brain, that is. 'Till then.


I just don't get it.

Not my picture.
(In a very dry, lethargic tone)
(Sarcasm ends)

Okay, I gotta admit that iCity looks colourful and all; with the amazing display of pretty lights and everything, but I just didn't get the hype. Okay, maybe this IS the ideal spot for photographers (and camwhores as well) and families (and the 'cool' kids too... so to speak) to roam about and spend quality time (or waste time, depending on how you look at it) to enjoy the very nice looking man-made marvel... and maybe I WAS a little excited when I finally got to go up close and personal with the so-called 'scene kids' ultimate hangout' together with my siblings and my fabulous cousins, but after actually being inside the attraction for a while, all I got was a major headache due to too much light absorption.

The same goes with everything else that's in right now; entertainment, celebrities, gadgets, useless news and all those other craps. I tried to blend in, trust me. But no matter what I do, I just couldn't understand what's the main attraction of these kinds of things. What's there to like, man? What's so sensational about those stuff that you just have to like it? Wait... is it because everybody else likes it?! Aw, come on! The "something popular = pure awesomeness" theory sounds bullshit to me! I mean, not EVERYTHING that're popular is any good! Or maybe it's just me...? Ah, whatever man. The point is, it's not that I'm not into trying something that's being highly publicised, it's just that... most of them looks the same and doesn't have the 'it' factor that makes me wanna be a big fan of.

All these random 'trends'... I think, they came out of nowhere, and I'm pretty damn sure that all of them suddenly surface together in a group for a bunch of shadowy reasons. I don't wanna make up any stupid conclusion about this; but it's just that I'm just questioning why they just have to magically appear of thin air like that. It's just that... they are scary and very, very annoying.

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