This LIFE is semi-retired.

Hi! I'm updating this space to tell you guys that this second, seemingly, kinda, sort of unsuccessful attempt at deeply documenting my thoughts I call a blog will now be semi-retired. Facebook status updates and tweeting are a lot easier these days to blab about things like my views on life, society, and current events. Blogging, however, takes a little bit of thought. Heck, even THIS pinned post takes a while to be typed too.

The NARNIA division, however, I shall try and actively live it up; where I'll say good or crappy things about films, TV series, music, video games, events, or literature I have read... if this lazy-leech thing ever comes off of my brain, that is. 'Till then.



Take a cotton bud (or just use your finger if you don't give a fuck about hygiene), stick it into your ear, and roll it good. Hit the right spot, wiggle a little, then take it out. What will you have?


Look at the cotton bud, and see the results. If it's this much...

 ... then, what have you been listening to all these times? Nothing? If that's the case... you're just pathetic. That means you didn't even once feel the joy of diggin' it good into those ears of yours! Which also means that you're a stubborn jackass; you listen to no one and no thing! Boo!

But if it's a buttload of ear waxes like this...

(Use your head. It's just too disgusting to be displayed here. :P) probably means that you sir, are a great listener! I'm guessing that you've been put through lots of shit during a short period of your time; good songs, bad songs, nags, advices, lectures... you know, all sorts of bullshit. And when there's too much bullshit in your ears, you may wanna dig away! I think you'll agree with me that picking your ears is the next best thing after taking a good dump! Yay! :D

P/S: This might be just a stupid theory I made up, but maybe it has some logic here? I don't know. You'll be the judge of that.


little cart00n said...

da bpe tahun xkorek telinga?
disgusting oke..euwww~

I.A. said...


aku saje je nak post pasal taik telinga. baru je korek 2-3 hari lepas. hoho.

gambar tu pun dari Wikipedia kot. XD